Saturday, 17 October 2015



Its was for the first time that we have participated in the campaign conducted by Mozilla. This camp was to grow download of Firefox in Indian languages. I thank my lead KUSHAGRA VARADE for organizing the campaign inside the campus so as to make everyone aware about the l10n contribution field. I also thank to Umesh Sir and Vaibhav Sir for there support in this event.

Topics that has been covered in the event:
  • Why Firefox is better than other
  • Firefox facts (Comes in 89 languages)
  • Demonstrated the Firefox hello feature.
  • Also told them about “Do Not Track Me
The campaign started with brief introduction of Mozilla. What does Mozilla means what its mission. We also discussed about the FSA club and its Structure. With this our team has also organized an interactive Moz Quiz followed up with the general question related to Mozilla and its products

After this it was time for us to grow the downloads. Our lead(Kushagra) asked all the attendees to start download the browser from mzl/la/fxhindi and explore the sites on the browser.Also shared advantage of having a browser in our language.

The campaign ended up with the refreshment organized by our club. I thank my lead for conducting this camp inside the campus and spreading the knowledge of l10n.

For photos:
Hashtag:  #fxcamp #mozuit

Thank you…

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